My Favorites

 What do I like? I don’t play  favorites but my favorite things are:

– Quading

– Art

– fishing

-crackle nail polish



     Why I like these things: I love quading because its fun and it lets me bring out my inner tom boy it also lets me get has muddy as I want! This is for most people who are like wouldn’t your face get dirty? Well thats why you wear a helmet and also to protect your bean(your head) Anyway My other thing is fishing I LOVE IT there is one kid in my class who has lots of fishing lures. I use my brothers  lures and its awesome to go with my brother fishing. My other thing is crackle nail polish  and with that all you do is put on a thin layer of nail polish(I prefer Sally Hansen) and apply a thin layer of crackle. My bffs well they are crazy  and I have lots of Bffs and my 3 main Bffs are Kailey,Taylor and Leica Im pritty shure that’s how you spell it. We all have our little bickers here and then but we always get back to gether. Swimming is one thing that I love and it has been from the time that I was 4 and we have an indoor in ground pool with a diving board and hot tub.

      Well I have some crazy things that I love to do and I almost frogot my favorite thing of all ARCHARY  I have my own bow with 2 arrows I can shoot them pritty far but not that far and one time I went to shoot my arrow  when I scrached my arm! owww!

  Well  that my favorite things thanks for reading 🙂 and hear is a cool wordle 🙂

Comment day on my blog!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everybody!!! Im going to be hosting a comment day on my blog and it will be november 20th and I will be on all day to approve and then vist your blog so it will be like this:

comment:cool blog -sammy Website:

Ivist your blog comment and thats how it goes 🙂 so I get a comment and you get a comment Thanks for reading:).P.S I will be checking my blog for comments at different times. 🙂



My crazy familey

My familey……well lets not go on rambiling about my mom or my dad or my brothers. Im the only girl besides my mom and when you live with boys you learn how to burp on purpose and love fishing more than the colour pink 🙂 I have three older brothers two of them have already moved out and if something ever happend to them I would miss them. there names are Chuck,Andy and Cody. They call me there younger brother. I have three dogs and yes I classify them has humans just very hairy humans. We called are beagle Simon and nicknamed him wilber after a pig because he is a pig. (Just kidding) 🙂 Our two other dogs are yellow labs and there names are Turner and Dixie. Dixie weighs 104 pound its not fat its mussle. I have 2 neices named Carlie and Emilie there nice. my nan is one person who I think is funny she calls ciggeretes canser sticks and beer wobbaly pop. Well  I cant froget about my grandma she makes really good oatmeal cookies. Well thats my blog about my familey. Thanks for reading 🙂


Hi every one 🙂  Im going to talk about my C-r-e-a-t-i-v-i-t-y that spells Creativity 😀 and I am full of creativity. Im creative by coming up with that 🙂 and one of the ways im creative is in art because when im doing art I create cartoons and I think thats soooooooooooooooooooooooo creative. Some of my classmates they play a game with dragons and magic powers. here are three blogs that are creative because they have ither put pictures,games or have really long posts: 

So go to these awesome blogs and read some of the cool posts. Thanks for reading!  🙂 

(P.S: I chose the picture because I thought it was so creative  because a fish in a light bulb so creative also Im bolding all the words like: creative, create, and Creativity because thats what my post is about!)




Happy halloween! Well  most people dont know what halloween is. Its a cool holiday even though I have to come to school its still awesome. Halloween is were you go to differt houses and get CANDY!!!!! Its really cool you can go to your friends house and get candy but when you go out you have to were reflcters so cars dont hit you and this year im going to drress all in black and draw question marks all over me. 🙂 thanks for reading.:D

The worlds problems

Hi welcome to my worlds problems post and Im go to tell you 2 of the worlds problems:

Hunger. Hunger is a BIG problem in many different countrey and people die of hunger mostly children. Could there be a futuer for clidren in countries like that? We  can help stop this by donating money or playing a game called free rice. Free rice is a cool game that can help you with school while your helping chilren by donating rice. Each  Question you get right you donate 5 grains of rice,cool right?

Terrorism. Terrorism is not that big but it still an issue. How many people have heard of the twin towers? Well they were these to huge towers that 4 planes crashed into them thanks to terrorism. Now there is a momorial there for all the workers and people died in the twin towers. Sad to know.

That my post about world problems and remember: Do good be good the world needs it. Thanks  for reading:)

my favorite colour!!

I have 5  favorite  colours they are: Blue,orange,yellow,purple and my favorite one GREEN!!! if youlike theese colours please tell me in the comments and also leave me your web adress I will vist your awesome blog and comment whats your favorite colour? mine is green!!! 🙂 thanks for reading 🙂

the lillypad

Photo taken by krikit


Heybloggers or fans 🙂 Im writing  to tell you about hmmmm.. let me guess food! My favorite food is bacon and deep fried apples they may sound gross and look gross but it taste so good.  Im so luck to live in a countrey were we get food and not in Africa were kids die because they dont get food 🙁 poor children. Whats your favorite food? leave awnser in comments 🙂 That my food blog  thanks for reading.:)